Wilmington Region

04/16/2024 - 4:20pm
Annie Jonas (not her actual name), lives in Grundy County. A few months ago, she got a call from who she believed was the police department, that her granddaughter had been arrested and needed bail money. Every question Jonas had about the situation...

Coal City Region

THE COAL CITY Police Department was presented with a $3,905 check from the Community Foundation of Grundy County as a grant recipient for new equipment to help police officers. Mayor David Spesia (left) and Police Chief Chris Harseim (right) accept the $3,905 donation from Devon Gagliardo from the foundation. The police department will purchase a pair of Bola Wraps which are a non lethal use of force device.

04/16/2024 - 4:31pm
It's like a scene from a Spiderman movie. A perpetrator is in a tense standoff with police. An officer pulls out a device that looks about as dangerous as a stud finder. The suspect laughs. The device shoots a green laser beam at the man's shins....

Braidwood Region

FREAK IS PROUD of his radio broadcasting station housed in a semi truck parked inside Top Fuel Saloon.

04/16/2024 - 4:26pm
“Heroes wear capes, and I'm anti cape.” -Freak Speaking of heroes, where have they all gone? We just don’t run across the likes of Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King, or Anne Frank these days. Or do we? Actually, we do, and one of those heroes hides...