What’s on your Christmas tree?

Submit a photo of your favorite ornament

In 1966, Linda Wrightstone received a card from her boyfriend featuring a holographic bunny wrapped in Christmas lights. The card spelled love for the two, who eventually married.
Thirty years later the couple stopped by a Christmas shop where they spied an ornament that rekindled memories. It was of a bunny wrapped in Christmas lights.
Every year since, they have displayed the ornament and card on their Christmas tree. Without a doubt it is their favorite ornament.
"This card and ornament seem to have 'magic'," Wrightstone said. "They bring my husband and I closer each year to cherish our years together."
It’s a great little story of  their favorite Christmas ornament and we’re looking for other stories just like it.
The Free Press Newspapers want to know what is your favorite ornament. Do you have one that is hand-made by a relative? Is it one you purchased in a foreign land? Do you have vintage ornaments?
We’d like to include your story and photo in our Dec. 19 issue. Snap a photo of your ornament (camera phone is fine) and tell us about it and email it to agill@fpnusa.com. Or drop it off at our Wilmington or Coal City office. If you want more details contact Gill at 815-634-0315.