Potentially threatening comments at WMS investigated

    Parents of Wilmington School District 209-U students that they were taking appropriate steps to ensure student safety after a couple middle school students were overheard making potentially threatening comments in class.
    Dr. Matt Swick, superintendent, notified parents of the incident in an email alert. Dr. Swick said the WMS administration immediately began working closely with the Wilmington Police Department to thoroughly investigate the situation and confirm that there was no real threat or danger to students or staff.  
    “At this time, we have confirmed that the comments were made in a joking manner, however, any such comments are extremely inappropriate and unacceptable in today’s culture,” Dr. Swick stated. “Once again, no students or staff have been in any actual danger today.
    The parents of any students who were involved were contacted directly. All necessary steps have been taken to investigate and communicate clearly; and appropriate consequences will be issued, the superintendent noted.  
    “In any situation related to student safety, we would always rather take extra, precautionary steps in order to ensure the safety and well-being of all students and staff,” Dr. Swick concluded.