Another round of snow headed this way

Motorists reminded to remove vehicles from village streets

Grundy County is under a winter storm warning as up to an additional seven inches of snow is predicted to fall in the next 24 hours or so. As of 8 a.m., the Grundy County Emergency Management Agency [GCEMA] was reporting 11 inches of snow was already on the ground, and the next round of heavy snow is slated to arrive late this afternoon. Based on information from the National Weather Service, GCEMA reports Grundy County should start to see snow begin between 4-5 p.m., and peak snowfall is forecast to fall between 5 p.m. and midnight. During peak snowfall, travel will be dangerous due to immediate accumulation on cold roadways, visibility will be diminished by the fluffy snowfall, with winds from the north, northwest. Based on predicted snow totals of four to seven inches, area residents are reminded that for public works employees to properly clear streets, vehicles need to be moved off of them. Municipal code prohibits street side parking when a roadway is being cleared of snow. Specifically, in the event of a two inch or more snowfall vehicles must be removed from streets in a timely manner. Any vehicle continuously parked on a village street in excess of 48 ours after a two inch or more snow fall will be issued a village P-ticket. The ordinance approved by the village back in 2010 also allows the municipality to tow a vehicle if it remains parked after a ticket has been issued. During times of snow removal the village’s restrictions on parking on or across a sidewalk will not be enforced in residential areas, thus giving residents use of the full length of a driveway. The village of Diamond also has rules on its books when it comes to parking on streets declared by the mayor to be snow emergency routes. Once the declaration of a snow emergency is announced it remains in effect until terminated by the mayor, and during that time vehicles are not allowed to be parked along village streets.